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Change in our battery packs for orders placed May 18, 2020 and following.

by Alexandre Archambault | | 21700, battery, cells, Molicel, Molicel P42A, P42A, Sanyo 20700B | 0 Comments

Fellow riders, 

EDIT (July 10, 2021); cell shortage is now a thing. Car companies are gobbing up all the cells and it's become increasingly difficult to find high capacity ones like the ones we use in the Lonestar and Lonestar Supersport. Going forward, we will keep using high quality high capacity cells in our Lonestar and Lonestar Supersport but the cells will vary between depending upon availability. These cells are namely the INR-21700-50E, the INR-21700-M50A, the 21700-LR2170SD and the like. As cell companies keep innovating, there will certainly be others.

Your Lonestar will always have the range and power we advertise because all these cells have the same capacity so the battery packs we make with them will crank out the same power. Hence, between two Lonestars or Lonestar Superports that have batteries made of different cells, there will be no difference whatsoever.

You can also rest assured that in any board that leaves our shop, its entire battery pack is made from the same cells from the same batch. We will never build a battery packs with different cells inside of it. The entire battery pack is always made from cells from the same brand, from the same batch.

EDIT (June 4, 2020); this original post has been published on May 18, 2020. Since publishing the post below, we have listened to feedback and decided we would use a larger capacity cell in the Lonestar. Indeed, instead of using the  P42A as detailed above, we have decided to equip all Lonestars having an order number higher than Order 1252 with the Samsung INR-21700-50E (“50E”) cell. Hence the Lonestar’s battery with the 12s10p will be 2152wh, not 1764wh which would be it’s capacity if we used the P42A. The result is that the change from the a 12s12p of 20700B (which pack had 2178wh) to a 12s10p pack of 50E (which pack has 2152wh) is negligible and range impact should be nearly non existent.

Original post below; 

Today we are announcing that we will be changing cells in our battery packs as of every order after #1252. To be clear, order #1252 will be the last board to ship with our current cells, the Sanyo NCR20700B.

Since the Prototipo DSS50+, we have been using the same cells in our boards. Not 18650 nor 21700, the Sanyo NCR20700B (the "20700B") had a peculiar size, a "bastard" in the industry. Sourcing these cells is now quasi-impossible - they are only made to order, the minimum order quantity is astronomical for anything less than a car manufacturer and the lead time is unacceptable for people who want to ride their boards this century.

So, as of today, we will be migrating to the Molicel INR-21700-P42A cell (the "P42A"). Since the P42A is 1mm wider than the Sanyo, our packs need to be modified. The Nazaré will now have a 12s5p battery pack of P42A and the Lonestar will carry a 12s10p battery pack. The Jaws' battery size remains unaffected and will run a 12s4p battery pack of P42A.

Here are the new numbers for the battery packs;

Jaws; 12s4p P42A; 706wh (vs 726wh for the 20700B)

Nazaré; 12s5p P42A; 882wh (vs 908wh for the 20700B)

Lonestar; 12s10P P42A; 1764wh (vs 1815wh for the 20700B).

Because these new battery packs have slightly less capacity (they have less cells), they technically have less range than the packs we made with the smaller 20700B. On the flip side, because these new P42A cells have a higher discharge rate, this means that for identical battery packs, we should get more range out of the packs made with the P42A cells because of the lower current we are pulling out of them. 

In short, the new 12s10p and 12s5p packs in the Nazaré and Lonestar should technically have less range than the 12s6p and 12s12p pack we were using previously but not that much because the newer, smaller packs are more efficient.

As such, we have reduced the price on the Lonestar to USD3899 and the Nazaré to USD3249.

The Lacroix Team










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