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Yes, there's a GPS tracker in your board.

by Alexandre Archambault | | | 1 Comments

Hey peeps, 

EDIT (april 2020); because these GPS trackers only work on 2G networks which are disappearing everywhere in the world, we have decided to stop shipping 2G GPSs inside our boards.  

you might not know it, but all the Jaws™, Nazaré™ and Lonestar™ boards ever produced come with a GPS tracker. Here's how to set it up.


You will need a 2G GSM capable sim card to use the GPS module inside the Lacroix board. Here are some currently know providers:

United States: US Mobile Data plan is $4.95/month

Canada: Rogers 

Europe: Vodafone

Other countries: please contact your phone provider and ask if they support 2G GSM networks. Unfortunately some countries like Australia have already phased out 2G Networks, so the GPS tracker will not function there.

Does 'X' Sim Card work with the tracker? I'm not sure, and dont have time to check every one. If its 2G GSM capable you should have no problems.

iOS App:

Android App: click on the android QR code to download the APK

The app isn't required, it just makes the info look pretty. You can use any phone and retrieve data via text message.


Remove the plastic cover and install the SIM Card.

Turn the switch to the ON position and place the cover back on the module. We recommend taking a picture of the sticker on the module to keep track of the ID numbers.

The lights on the tracker correspond to:

Red (Power)

  • Always on: Device Error
  • Slow flashing: Working normally off of built in battery
  • Quick Flashing: Working normally off of input voltage

Blue (GSM)

  • Always on: No GSM Signal
  • Slow flashing: Working normally, receiving data
  • Quick Flashing: Working normally, uploading data

Green (GPS)

  • Always on: Searching for GPS signal
  • Quick Flashing: Working normally

How to Use:

Activate your sim card with your cellular provider. To setup the module you will need to text it commands so be sure your plan allows this. For US Mobile, we recommend 40 texts and 100mb of data to setup the module. Then you will only need data for the future months.

After you activate the card allow 10-15 minutes for everything to register. Check the lights on the module to be sure you have connection if you have any issues with the next steps.

Add your phone number as an admin to the GPS module by texting it this code: #6666#AAD#1#YourPhoneNumber#1

Example: #6666#AAD#1#16302155555#      Be sure to include the introductory country code (in this case it is 1 for USA).

You should receive a text back in 1-2 minutes saying Add admin account 1 OK!

You should now be able to login to the app.

Open the app and go to the section that says Login By Device No.

Leave the 1st line alone:

Enter your device number in the second line. Ex: 8680030317880

The default password is: 123456

You should now be able to login and track your board. If your having any trouble makes sure the module has connection by checking the status LED's. Your exact area may not have 2G signal. Setup

Get a sim card for $5 from

When the sim arrives, activate it at:

Insert the sim card in the GPS unit and turn it on

Allow it to activate until the status is "READY" 

Go to the messaging tab under your new SIM and type the following command in the message box: #6666#sapn#hologram#####

In the from number, use your own phone number with the leading country code (In the USA it is: 1)

(You will be charged $0.19/message so be sure to use them wisely)


In 2-3 minutes you should receive a text on your phone that says set APN =1 ok!

If you do not receive a message back in 5 minutes, check the status LED's on the GPS to see if it has cell connection (blue led)

Next send it this command to set the admin: #6666#AAD#1#YourPhoneNumber# be sure to include your country code and input the from number


You should then be able to login to the app. Use the "Login By Device No." and input the long number on the back of the GPS module in the second line. The default password is: 123456

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Stewart Ciesla / Reply

I understand that the tracker does
Drain the battery (very slowly) but it does. Would there be any issues with
Just taking the tracker out to save the
Little bit of battery. Please advise.

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