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Remote options; Hoyt puck or Flipsky VX1?

by Alexandre Archambault | | | 0 Comments

Hello fellow shreddah,

We now offer 2 remotes on all our boards - the Flipsky VX1 and the Hoyt Puck. Why choose one over the other? Here's a little more info to help you choose.

We chose the Flipsky VX1 as it's a favourite in the DIY community. It's small, reliable and shall you need to swap a new one, you don't need to open the enclosure. You just pair it and go. If you do have the VX1, here is a breakdown of all its features.

We decided to offer the Hoyt puck as an upgrade as it boasts the latest channel hoping technology, which means the remote is always working to have a reliable connection with the board. In densely populated areas where the RF interference is known to be a problem, the Hoyt puck has been known to be unshakeably reliable. Here is how to pair and operate the Hoyt puck.

Ride safe, 

The Lacroix Team

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