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Lacroix HyBeams™ - 2200 Lumens Front Light


Powered by two reliable and bright CREE XM L2 U2 LEDs (2200 lumens total), these lights illuminate up to 200 meters. 

The waterproof 6061-T6 Aluminum housing combined with our custom high end waterproof connector (CNLinko LP-12) will ensure to light your way on those awesome night ventures.

Compatible Jaws™, Nazaré™ and Lonestar™, they plug directly into the board's battery for all time, on demand, trouble-free high intensity lighting.

4 power modes; 10% (point it downwards and use as a day light), 40%, 70%, 100% (use when it's pitch black, hunting the Yeti).

Price is for 1 light. 

Technical specs

Consumption: ~0.3-0.95a depending on the power mode

Voltage: 12v

WARNING; they are very bright. Point downwards around other people or they will become as mobile as deer when looking in their direction.