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The Barrel™


Meet the new benchmark.

It all began with the Prototipo™ and we have looked at our roots to forge the way forward.

The Barrel™ has always been in the back of our minds since we stopped manufacturing the Prototipo™. We wanted a shorter board that was lighter and snappier than its Grand Touring big brothers, i.e. the Nazare™, Lonestar™ and the Supersport™ lineage.

Now 2 years in the making, it boasts an all new design from the ground up. The deck is hand laid and pressed in Montreal with the best maple available. Its best-in-class 12s4p battery pack made of Molicel P42A shares the Supersport's proprietary architecture which is robust and easy to service.

But where the Barrel™ really shines is in the carves. For this, we designed a new narrower, lighter truck, the Hypertruck™ Lite. It shares the same bushings as the Hypertruck™ but as the Lite™  is narrower, it makes for a snappier, carvier ride even with the same duro bushings.

How does it compare to the Proto you ask? Well it's 12s not 10s (i.e. it's faster), has much better trucks (hello 7075AL CNC), a faster charger, better water-ingress resistance, a curvier deck under the feet, and a badass spaceman as a wingman on all your wild shenanigans. All in all, we improved it in every way we could.





The Barrel™


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