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Falcon™ gear drive (BO 2023)


The design brief was a heavy one; make a gear drive that is easy to adjust, very quiet and also looks great. 

After multiple iterations, we are proud to present the Falcon™ drive. 

The result is a very quiet gear drive thanks to the helical gears but also very easy to adjust thanks to its one of a kind, cleverly engineered elliptical mount, the OMMA™ (Oval Mount Mesh Adjustment™ system). No more awkwardly holding the motors to adjust the gear drive. Just rotate the OMMA™ and the gears will mesh precisely to your liking. 

Made out of hardened steel and POM, our precision cut helical gears feature a 4.2;1 gear ratio (close equivalent to a 18T-72T gear ratio).  

The Falcon™ is 100% backward compatible on all Hypertrucks™ (we provide longer the longer axles needed).

Why the name? Because it looks like Han's rig. Pew-pew. 


  • one left and one right gear drive
  • all hardware, seals, bearings and adapter for our 6389 motors and MBS Rockstar2 hubs.
  • new longer Hypertruck™ axles to make the Falcon™ drive work.  


  • 6389 motors