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The HyperRims™ are all CNC'd out of solid blocks of aerospace grade 7075AL. These were all designed from the ground up by Ronald Horvart, a professional rim designer that made his mark in the JDM scene.

You can choose from two original designs, the GroupeB™ and the LeMans™. 

The surface of the rims where the tires goes is 50mm wide (as opposed to 33mm on the MBS Rockstar hubs). This means the tires are nicely stretched to maximise the surface of contact.

The inner rim for the wheels are all identical so if you want change design, you can simply purchase and swap out the outer rim. 

Complete set includes; 

  1. 4 complete rims
  2. Titanium hardware (M5)
  3. either a 7075AL 72T pulley (compatible with all our belt drives) or a 7075AL precision CNC'd adapter (for Falcon™ gear drive) 
  4. 4pcs custom CNC'd M12 nuts

Rims only include; 

  1. 4 pcs outer rim 
  2. Titanium hardware (M5)