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Lacroix X Wera Tool kit


The ultimate tool kit to complement your board.

It's not a secret we have been using Wera tools in the shop for years to manufacture your boards.

Wanting to provide a great solution for our riders, we have partnered with Wera in order to bring you the ultimate tool kit for your board. It contains all the bits and pieces you need to service and maintain any of our boards, from the Prototipo to the Lonestar. The center piece of the kit is the amazing Zyklop mini ¼" ratchet which is small, yet extremely robust and provides the perfect amount of control and torque. With its 60 teeth fine tooth mechanism, it's ideal for precision work and it's tough as nails. 

All the hex tools have Wera's industry leading Hex-Plus finishing that prevents wear inside hexagon socket screws. Hex-Plus provides larger contact zones in the screw head thus reducing the notching effect to a minimum and protecting the profile.

We included a 4mm Hex-Plus L-Key so you can tighten or loosen the kingpin while using the Zyklop ratchet on the nut. 

The circlip tool is made by Knipex - it's the best circlip tool available. 

The custom made tool bag made in waxed canvas with full-grain leather accents and high end YKK zipper hold everything in place snuggly and beautifully.

We also included Wera's awesome bottle opener because nothing is worse than not being able to pop open that IPA once your adrenaline ride is done.


  • High quality waxed canvas tool bag with black full-grain leather and red stitching with high end YKK zipper. 
  • Zyklop Mini 1/4" Bit Ratchet With 1/4 Drive
  • Hex-plus Sw 2 X 50 Mm Bits For Hex Socket Screws
  • Hex-plus Sw 2.5 X 50 Mm Bits For Hex Socket Screws
  • Hex-plus Sw 3 X 50 Mm Bits For Hex Socket Screws
  • Hex-plus Sw 3 X 89 Mm Bits For Hex Socket Screws
  • Hex-plus Sw 6 X 50 Mm Bits For Hex Socket Screws
  • Phillips 2 X 50 Mm Phillips Bits ACR
  • 19mm Zyklop Socket With 3/8" Drive, Holding Function
  • 3/8" X 50 Mm Adaptor
  • 10mm Zyklop Socket
  • Hex-plus 4mm L-key With Holding Function
  • Knipex 5 1/2" Precision Circlip "Snap-ring" straight
  • Wera bottle opener
  • High quality tire pump with pressure indicator and relief valve