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High Power Motor (6389 - 190kv and 130kv)


These are the powerhouses that move our boards.

Our flagship motor is the 6389 in 130kv. They ship stock on the Supersport line and enables a 350lbs rider to climb any hill he throws at them. You don't need to compromise torque for speed. These have it all.

Important Note for Lacroix Board owners: Do not attempt to mix different size, electrical or designed motors in your board. This will cause potential issues as hardware differences between two motors will inevitable cause anything from electrical bugs and/or failures.

6389 specs;

  • 80A max current
  • 4550W max output watt
  • Huge bearing on which the rotor sits for increased high speed stability
  • splash proof
  • precision etched Lacroix Adrenaline Molecule™ 
  • 30mm motor hole pattern
  • 10mm shaft
  • 35mm shaft length


  • 1 motor