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Introducting the

Electrify your Kitefoil, Wingfoil, Surf foil and SUP board


The Lacroix Vortex™ - no wind? No problem.

The patent-pending Vortex™ allows you to electrify your regular wind-powered foil board. In 3 minutes, you can electrify your kitefoil, wingfoil, surf foil board and SUP board. The battery-mast-motor combo can be secured under any board that has a hydrofoil track system. No mods necessary. It's compatible with over 20+ brands of fuselage as we have adapters for virtually all foil brands.

Compatible with your own board and wings

You already have a few wings, why buy another one? The Vortex™ is designed to use the boards and foils you already have. We use a the Project Cedrus mast and have 20 adapters for all foil brands.

5 prototypes later, the Vortex™ is ready to launch

The design brief was simple - top shelf performance, huge range, the fastest charge time possible and ease of use across a wide range of boards and wings. After 5 prototypes and years of development, we are ready to launch the Vortex™. On the left, Evens, our master battery builder, is setting up one of the 5th generation prototypes on an inflatable wing board (note; the production Vortex™ has a removeable propeller protector).

Geek deets; 65161 motor, Molicel P42A, VX3

As always, we only use the best parts and materials. The Vortex™'s enclosure is CNC'd out of a solid block of aerospace-grade aluminum, we use the all mighty DIY-favorite Flipsky 65161 120kv motor, the Flipsky VX3 remote and a huge 1736wh battery pack made of 112 cells of industry-leading Molicel P42A derived from our Lonestar Supersport's proprietary battery architecture.

From beginner to expert; the only one-quiver eFoil

The Vortex™ is a mast and battery system that can be fixed to any board that has a two-track mounting system (also called twin-track, plate mount, and pedestal). Beginners will attach the Vortex™ to a large, floaty 120L wingfoil board and experts (like Mark in our photo) will attach it to the thinnest, shortest foil board in their quiver and fly with an 800 cm2 wing.

Pre-order price; 3899USD (reduced from 4899USD MSRP for the pre-order period)

The first batch is set to ship in July 2022 and includes the following; the Vortex™, i.e. the battery/electronics enclosure and the mast/motor combo, the VX3 remote control with wireless charging station and the 20 amp charger for the Vortex™ battery. Board and wings/fuselage are not included. The Vortex™ is compatible with all AK wings and we will roll out wing adapters as the demand justifies it. Stay tuned for the pre-order date by entering your email below.