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Adjustable Belt Drive For HyperTrucks™


Our Adjustable belt drives are our new self tensioning belt drive system. A perfect upgrade to never wanting to tension your belts time after time again. It will never set the tension too tight or too loose but just right. 

This belt drive uses HTD5m-405mm belts as opposed to the origin motor mounts (non-self adjusting). These motor mounts are not compatible with our Over Engineered Belt Guards.

To adjust just loosen the two screws holding the mount and it will spring up. Re-tighten if you'd like to keep the tension or have it slightly loose to tension as you ride.

Note: To use Smart Brake lights with the adjustable belt drive, please note that they require the New rear mounting brackets or to buy a full new set here


1x  Motor Mount Left side

1x  Motor Mount Right side

2x  Motor Mount base

8x  M4 x 12 Titanium motor screws

4x M5 x 10 Flange cap Titanium Screws

4x M8 x 12 Titanium screws

4x  Springs

2x  405mm Belts