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Lacroix decks and carbon fiber enclosures (Discounted Blemishes)

$900.00 $500.00

Signature Lacroix Deck and carbon fiber enclosures in brand new, slightly blemished condition. These are decks with slight imperfections and enclosures that were dinged during transport - we can't sell them on our new boards. Our loss, your gain.

The Lacroix deck is unlike any other; made of 6 or 7 Canadian maple plys, it is carefully hand-pressed and includes 2 triaxial fiber patches at each extremity to ensure the deck retains its "pop" and structure for many years.

It's also the only deck in the industry to be finished with a 0.5mm snowboard top sheet on the top and bottom to maximize the longevity of the deck, protect it from the elements and make it virtually bomb-proof. 

These are the "new" deck hole pattern (for the Supersport boards and later version Nazaré and Lonestar), i.e. the 3 hole generation with 3 large individual, flexible compartments for the battery pack and one large compartment for the electronics (etray compartment).


The inserts are pre-installed with each deck, the holes already pierced with every enclosure.

We have limited quantities of each and won't be making any more after we sell this stock.

All combinations are final, no mix and match. Blemishes on the stock vary from minor different lays in the carbon fiber, deck graphic misplacements and extremely minor physical damages.



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