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Falcon™ Gear Drive Parts


Spare parts in case you lose or need to replace.


Following is what is included with each variant.

MBS Adaptor 

  • MBS Adaptor (1x)
  • M4 x 55 Steel Screws (5x)

HyperRims Adaptor 

  • HyperRim Adaptor (1x)
  • M5 x 55 Titanium screws (5x)

Mounting Disc 

  • Mounting disc (1x)
  • Elliptic Ring (1x)
  • M5 x 8 (3x)
  • Black Oxide motor hardware (x4)

Gear Box

  • Outer Gear box (1x)
  • Motor Mount plate (Left or Right) (1x)
  • Hardware (3x M3*12 // 2x M4*20 // 1x M5*11)
  • SKF outer Seal

    POM 59t pulley

    • POM 59t pulley (1x)
    • Inner small bearing (1x)
    • Hardware (C-clip // 5x M4*20 )

    Steel 14t Motor Pulleys (Please note you should be using Green Loctite to fasten the motor pulley)

    • Steel 14t motor pulleys (1x)
    • Motor Keyway (1x)

    SKF Seal

    • One Seal