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Nazaré Lonestar™

Deck (Regular 6ply or Stiff 7ply)
Hub Type: MBS or HyperRims
Drive System and Axle type

The vision was to create a board to have access to un-skied mountain ranges far in the depths of Patagonia, Mongolia or Iceland. Four friends, eight skis, four snowboards, a Defender 110, good IPAs, four fully charged Nazaré Lonestar™ and nothing but good memories ahead. Not just an expedition. A Proper one.

The Nazaré Lonestar™ was built for the outdoor adventurers, the urban explorers, the thrill seekers. For those who want to go where their heart takes them. On-road or offroad, it doesn't care. Go anywhere you want. Putting 96 jumbo cells under your feet is prepostrous, and it's exactly what we did. Because adventure hates to charge. 

You don't need to choose between the sunrise ride, the hillclimb, the country exploration, the speed run and the group ride. You can do them all. Despite its weight, the Nazaré Lonestar™ feels very light and nimble under the feet. It handles like a board half its weight. Actually, the only time you'll be reminded you are hauling a 1728wh battery is when you pick it up.

As our fellow viking Tim Diegmann (@senderskates) eloquently said speaking namely of the Nazaré Lonestar™, "(...) if you love to ride, you need something like this in your life. It will change your entire perspective of what is possible and how you can use this new board for adventures".

We wouldn't have said it better ourselves.





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