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Vortex™ Efoil


The Vortex™ was born out of the vision to have a versatile foiling system that could follow you from beginner to pro without having to buy multiple complete e-foils. As a mechanical engineer that loves foiling, Thomas Hewitt made many prototypes of his system, all improving them from one to the next. The Vortex™ is now ready for everyone to enjoy, backed by our legendary craftsmanship and customer service.

As always, we only use the best parts and materials. The Vortex™'s enclosure is CNC'd out of a solid block of aerospace-grade aluminum, we use the all mighty DIY-favorite Flipsky 65161 120kv motor, the Flipsky VX3 remote and a huge 1736wh battery pack made of 112 cells of industry-leading Molicel P42A derived from our Lonestar Supersport's proprietary battery architecture.

The Vortex™ is much more powerful than other commercial efoils which have lower voltage batteries and less powerful motors. We are bringing to the water the high performance Lacroix has always been known for on tarmac.

The ride, the performance and the whole Vortex™ experience is... Like Nothing Else™.

The Vortex™ is patent pending.

Now compatible with 15+ wing and fuselage brands; Cabrinha, SABfoil (both for the Kraken and the older M6 profile), Triton, AXIS, F-One, Lift, Takuma, Unfoil, Slingshot and many others. Lift, Armstrong, Cabrinha, F-One, F2, F4, GoFoil, Gong, Gong V, Liquid force, Moses, Sabfoil, Naish (S26), Neil Pryde, Slingshot, Starboard, Takuma and AK Durable Supply Co.

Contact us if you don't see your fuselage brand in the choices;





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