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The Lacroix Vortex™ - no wind? No problem

The patent-pending Vortex™ allows you to electrify your regular wind-powered foil board. In 3 minutes, you can electrify your kitefoil, wingfoil, surf foil board and SUP board.
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Welcome to the final frontier of electric boarding technology.

Lacroix Boards born out of our obsession with finding and pushing limits. And doing away with compromises.
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It was a life changing experience! As if I found the holy grail of mobility! For me, it’s the most efficient and fun way to go around. As a kid I dreamed of such a thing and my dream finally became a reality!

David Barabé
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It was when I first rode my Lacroix that I realized just how much of an expensive toy my old board was. My Lacroix - that's what I call a real machine.

Neil MacDonald
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To be honest, it scared me a bit at first but once i got the speed mode one level down it was perfect.
Every ride i get more comfortable and i just recently went back to speed mode 1, can not believe how powerful it is.

Morten Tholstrup Christensen
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I was very intimidated by my Lonestar at first. I had never seen one in person, and it's SO much bigger than the Meepo AWD PRO I was previously riding. It's a totally different experience to ride it compared to the traditional electric skateboards. Honestly it should be categorized as an "Electric Snowboard", as the experience is nothing like skateboarding. I feel like I am on a high speed snowboard run whenever I'm riding and I love it; and I'm a skier to boot.

Eric Bell
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Oh yeah! This is the feeling I’ve been searching for. By the end of the ride, my legs were shaking and I was forced to stop due to being tired. 40 miles with no brake wore me out! Just amazed and thank you doesn’t cover the gift you gave us all. When people say live life to the fullest, I think we’re definitely doing that here. Just a true blessing

Tony Hanni
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The prototipo was the first electric skateboard I have ever owned. I had ridden a mates evolve and he had ridden my board. He sold his board a few weeks after owning and bought a nazare. There is no better feeling of hitting a hill and watching the torque and power my board had to offer while the rest got left in the distance. By far hands down the best board ever built ever ridden and ever owned.

Andrew Schultz
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Magical and freeing. It was heavier and bigger than my previous boards by a long shot, but it was also exactly what I needed. More speed and distance. I can/could go anywhere.

Beau Jones

From our youngest age, we have always liked to go fast. We founded the LaCroix Board Co. because Back to the Future 2 has been out for almost 30 years and where is the hoverboard?




Jokes aside, we have ridden boards for 25+ years (skateboards, snowboards, kiteboards, longboards, fat skis, surfboards) and have matched our enthusiasm for technology with our love for any kind of board strapped to our feet.

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