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Jaws™ 2.0

Deck (Regular 6ply or Stiff 7ply)
Front Lights
Rear lights

Every year, from December to March, surfers around the world migrate to Peʻahi when the swell rolls in to create a mythical wave nicknamed Jaws. 

This new 2.0 version of the Jaws has industry leading, tried and trusted 6374 motors, a new modular, easily serviceable, flexible 12S4P battery pack and the bombproof Lacroix Hypertrucks™. The Jaws™ is about pure, fun, 12S performance. If you're tired of the performance of your current "production" board but don't want to break the bank (well, only a little), this one's for you.

Lacroix' Hypertrucks™ developed in conjunction with RipTide Sports™ (market leader in urethane bushing technology). Combined with the bushings, they make the board feel on rails at high speed yet super carvy at low speed. And on a medium-loose setting, i.e. one on which you would not do a speed run usually, they Self Correct Speed Wobbles™, i.e. that "oh sh*t" moment is tamed, if it shows up at all.

Using the Stormcore 60D+ motor controller, it shares the same new redesigned deck and carbon fiber enclosure as the Nazaré Supersport™.

The Jaws 2.0 is our snowboard simulator in its simplest, no-frills, expression.






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